Chequing Account

The Chequing Account is a basic non-interest bearing chequing account designed to handle your daily business transactions.

  • No minimum balance or deposit required.
  • A monthly statement summarizes the activity in your account and includes images of all cancelled cheques or signup for E-statements and views your statements on Internet Banking instead of paper.
  • MEMBER CARD® debit card is available for ATM and Point of Sale access.
  • A Line of Credit is available subject to application and approval.
  • Quick and easy access is provided through several means, including cheques, a variety of credit union cards, as well as MemberDirect® online banking.

Radius Credit Union offers a variety of account packaging options. To find out what works best for your needs please view our Service Charge Brochure and contact your local Radius Credit Union Branch.

    Savings Accounts

    Radius Credit Union offers two types of Savings Accounts that will help you save your money. Try our PLAN 24® Savings Account if you have low transaction activity, or our CUSAVE® Premium Investment Account if you need access to your hard earned dollars while getting premium rates.
    Choose from the following Savings Accounts:

    • PLAN  24® Savings Account - A PLAN 24 Account is a great way to get more for your money. The interest rate applies to the entire balance not just a portion of it. Interest is calculated on the daily closing balance and paid to the account at the end of every month. Funds can be accessed online through MemberDirect® online banking, over the phone, or in branch.
    • CUSAVE® Premium Investment Account - If you prefer your savings to be liquid but expect a competitive interest rate, the CUSAVE Premium Rate Investment Account is for you! The CUSAVE Account has a tiered interest rate structure, provides you with a monthly statement and best of all, gives you access to your funds whenever you need them. Interest is calculated on the daily closing balance and paid to the account at the end of every month. Funds can be accessed through MemberDirect® online banking, over the phone, or in branch. No service charges on self-initiated electronic transactions, however a $5.00 service charge will be applied to over-the-counter debits and telephone transfers

    AgriInvest Account

    Radius Credit Union also offers AgriInvest accounts.  If you have any questions about the program, your credit union advisor can help or visit the program website at or call AAFC toll free at 1-866-367-8506.

    AgriInvest accounts help agricultural producers protect their margin from small declines.  Unless otherwise advised, each program year, the Participants will make a deposit to their AgriInvest accounts and receive a matching contribution from the federal and provincial governments. Participant deposits are based on 1.5% of their allowable net sales for the program year.  Participants will have the flexibility to use the funds to cover small margin declines or for risk mitigation or other investments.

    The AgriInvest account is a tiered interest-bearing account with unlimited access and no monthly or day-to-day service fees.  Interest will compound daily and pay out monthly.

    How is AgriInvest different than previous programs?
    In previous programs - such as CAIS and NISA - there were separate funds for the participant's portion and the administration's portion.  All of the AgriInvest funds - both the participant portion and the matching Administration portion - will be on deposit in a single account at a financial institution.
    Participants can have only one AgriInvest account in one financial institution at any one time.  If they wish to move their accounts, there is a special transfer process.
    There is no trigger for withdrawals.  Withdrawals are totally at the discretion of the participant.

    How do I know if I am Eligible?
    To be eligible to participate in AgriInvest for program year, a participant must:

    • farm as an Individual, Corporation, Cooperative Status Indian or Trust;
    • carry on the business of farming in Canada for the program year;
    • report farming income (or loss) to the CRA for tax purposes for the program year; and
    • submit your AgriInvest program form by the application deadline.