Your MEMBER CARD® debit card is your key to accessing your accounts quickly and easily.

  • Withdraw cash - up to $800 per day
  • Make deposits at any Acculink automated teller. Deposits are verified the next business day at which time you will be able to access the deposited amount.
  • Check your account balances.
  • Transfer money to and from accounts within the same membership.
  • Shop with your MEMBER CARD® debit card to access your account anytime, anywhere.

Protect your Personal Identification Number (PIN). It is your electronic signature. Memorize it and never write it down.

Lost MEMBER CARD® debit card? Contact your local branch or call 1-888-277-1043 to report a lost or stolen card.

Please Note

For the safety and protection of our members we have turned off the ability to use Radius Credit Union MemberCards® in specific states and countries. This action has been taken to protect your card information from being stolen and used fraudulently without your knowledge.

If you are traveling outside of Canada you can simply contact Radius Credit Union in advance of your trip and we will ensure your cards are active in your travel destination. If you have any questions or concerns or are planning a trip please contact any branch of Radius Credit Union and we will be happy to assist you.