FAQ's: Google Pay


Am I eligible for Google Pay?
If you have a Radius Credit Union Member Card and an eligible Android device, then you can get Google Pay! Google Pay is available to consumers and small businesses.

Can I use my Google Watch with Google Pay?
Yes, you can add a card to Google Pay on your Google watch as well as other Wear OS devices paired with a phone; such as Huawei Watch 2, LG Watch Sport, and LG Watch Urbane 2.

Can I use my Radius Credit Union Mastercard with Google Pay?
Google Pay is being launched first with Radius Credit Union Member Card, allowing you to make everyday purchases directly from your (CU) account. We know that some (CU) members prefer to pay with (CU Credit Card) and we are currently researching supporting this option.

How many cards can I add to Google Pay?
You can add multiple payment cards and loyalty cards to Google Pay.

Which account should I use for Google Pay?
If you are activating a Radius Credit Union Member Card that you use today to make purchases using Interac® Debit, Google Pay will use the same account (chequing or savings). You may change the default account either on-line or by contacting one of our branches.

What else do I need to do to set myself up?
You are required to securely identify yourself to add your debit card to Google Pay. After adding your Radius Credit Union Member Card to Google Pay, you will be presented options to verify your identity by calling the (CU) contact center or by entering a one-time passcode delivered to you via email or SMS message if you have an eligible email or cell phone number on file with us. These verification steps are designed to protect you against fraud. Once verification has been completed, you may use your Radius Credit Union Member Card to make purchases with Google Pay.

Can I add a second account or card to Google Pay?
Yes. You can add multiple cards to Google Pay, you can also add an unlimited number of loyalty cards.

How many devices can I add my card to?
There is no maximum number of devices to which you can add your Radius Credit Union Member Card for Google Pay. However, you are responsible for verifying the validity of the Radius Credit Union Member Card on each device, and for any charges made with the card to your account.

What are the Terms & Conditions of using my Radius Credit Union Member Card in Google Pay?
Google Pay is governed in accordance with the Terms and Conditions that you accepted when adding your card to Google Pay, and the debit card agreement that you signed when receiving your card.

Is additional information being captured about me when I use Google Pay?
Google does not collect and store details on Google Pay financial transactions. To learn how Google protects your personal information, transaction data, and payment information when you use Google Pay, visit their website: https://support.google.com/pay/answer/7643925?hl=en


How do I make a purchase with Google Pay?

With your smartphone:
1.    Wake up your device.
2.    Hold your phone over the terminal until you see a blue check mark on the screen.

With your wearable:
1.    On your watch, open the Google Pay app.
2.    If prompted, authenticate using the method you have setup for your device.
3.    Hold your watch over the contactless payment terminal until you hear a sound or feel vibration from your watch.

Is there a cost to using Google Pay?
No. Google Pay is included as part of your (CU) account. Each payment will count as an additional debit transaction, if you pay transaction fees for your account. Please contact (CU) any time to discuss the right account package for you.

How do I know when a purchase is complete?
Google Pay transactions will show a blue checkmark when the transaction is processed.

Where can I pay with Google Pay?
Google Pay using your Radius Credit Union Member Card works wherever Interac® Flash is accepted. Just look for the Interac® Flash logo or contactless symbol at the checkout. Some stores will also display the Google Pay logo.  International purchases using Google pay is not supported on (CU Debit cards).

How do I view recent Google Pay transactions?
To view your most recent Google Pay transactions, simply tap on your Radius Credit Union Member Card and scroll down to view your card transaction details.

Will I receive a notification on my phone for a declined transaction?
Yes, you will receive notifications for both declined and approved transactions.

My device was lost or was stolen, and I want to delete my card. What do I do?
If your device has been lost or stolen, call us your local branch right away – our phone numbers can be found here. to remove your card from Google Pay. You can also log in to Find My Device and select Erase Device to permanently remove all data, including any payment cards enabled in Google Pay.

I’m having trouble with Google Pay. Who do I contact?
If you are having difficulties with Google Pay, please call your local Radius Credit Union Branch – our phone numbers can be found here - and we will be happy to answer your questions.).

What is NFC?
NFC stands for Near Field Communication, which is a contactless proximity technology – the same technology that powers Interac® Flash cards. It is known for short range, secure transmission, with a maximum distance of less than 5-10 cm. In practice, phones need to be held very near to device readers for a few seconds to complete a transaction.

How do I know if a terminal accepts NFC?
Just look for the Interac® Flash logo or the contactless symbol at checkout to know if a terminal is capable of NFC technology.

How does the technology work?
When you register a card with Google Pay, the card is assigned a device account number. The device account number is different from your physical card number and is unique to your device. Your device account number is used to make purchases with Google Pay.

Are Google Pay transactions secure?
Yes. Google Pay protects your payment info with multiple layers of security, device lock screens, remote device wiping, and tokenized card numbers are security features of Google Pay. Google Pay’s tokenization process offers notable security benefits to customers, when a CU member adds a debit card to their Google Pay app, a token is issued. A token is a unique identification number associated with it.