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Lost or Stolen Mastercard® call Collabria Customer Service @ 1-855-341-4643

Temporary Interest Rate Reduction
May be Available to You

Minimum Payment Deferrals & Temporary Interest Rate Reduction

Cardholders can call the Collabria Contact Centre at 1-855-341-4643 to request Temporary Financial Relief support. Like other contact centres, Collabria is receiving a high volume of calls from cardholders needing assistance. Please expect that call wait times may increase with the launch of this new relief measure and thank you for your patience as Collabria ensures works to support all cardholders during this difficult time.

  • All personal and commercial cardholders who have qualified for our Temporary COVID-19 Financial Relief Program payment deferral could also quality for a temporary interest rate reduction to 10.9% on purchases and cash advances for up to 3 months. This offer may be extended for up to an additional 3 months if the cardholder continues to qualify for our Financial Relief Program (up to a total of 6 months). Cardholder eligibility and qualifying period will be assessed on a case by case basis.

For cardholders who have already been approved for a payment deferral Collabria will begin calling them early next week to offer the temporary 10.9% interest rate reduction.

For More information on how Collabria is working to help our cardholders:

For Information on travel insurance and support:

Please remember that YOU, the cardholder, must call Collabria directly to request the Temporary Interest Rate Reduction or the Minimum Payment Deferral – 1-855-341-4643


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